Chemical and Applied Condensed Matter Physics

The group gathers researchers with a common interest in the use of diffraction and other techniques such as neutron and Raman scattering, muSR and Mossbauer spectroscopies to investigate a wide range of materials, such as semiconductors, OLEDs and engineered materials. X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a key technique for a significant part of the research developed in the group; being widely used across a number of disciplines, it promotes a variety of interdisciplinary collaborations on a regular basis with experimental and theoretical research groups. Long standing collaborations are established with computational physics groups of the Physics Department, as well as with several chemistry and pharmacy groups of the UC. Partnerships with industry are active, namely with pharmaceutical and electromechanical companies. Multidisciplinary research, in close connection with teams from the Arts Faculty and other Institutions like national museums and other universities (Universidade da Beira Interior and University of Florence, Italy).

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